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H.O.M.E Preschool is more than your typical preschool. We go above and beyond your expectations to create the best education and care your child could ever receive from a preschool. We offer an early childhood program which combines learning with play and with our interactive walls, children get the opportunity to learn colors, numbers, shapes, days of the week, months of the year etc.  We offer small classroom sizes which means children get more one on one time with their well trained and professional teachers. Teachers get the opportunity to identify with each child challenges and work with them, as it creates a more unison classroom as children build relationships with each classmate.

We're located in North Lauderdale in Town Center Plaza, five doors up from Best in Broward Bakery (the Haitian bakery). Come visit us.


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  • FREE Meals
  • ELC Funding Accepted
  • BCC Funding Accepted
  • Homework Assistance

Why Choose Us?


We currently utilize a curriculum designed for toddlers and preschoolers that stimulates thinking, reasoning, decision-making and problem solving. We are very dedicated to aid our children's growth whether physically, mentally or socially.


We serve daily nutritious and balanced meals promote healthy growth. Breakfast, lunch and snack are included in our affordable tuitions.


Our after-school programs includes homework assistance, tutoring, and fun art activities, no-cooking food activities, and safe science experiments. Also, with our library system, students have the opportunity to check out books and earn a "Reader of the Month" award while developing their reading and comprehension skills.

Kaylisa B., 4 years old, skip counting by 5 and 10.

What Learning Looks Like

Our VPK Program is designed to prepare children for kindergarten. At the end of our program, students are identifying, spelling and reading simple sentences. With this skill our graduates are testing at a 1st grade level. View our gallery for more pictures and videos.

Our preschoolers will learn to identify, sound, associate words with letters, write letters and numbers, spell and write their names before they get to VPK.

Daily Schedules for our Programs

Learn more about your child's day by viewing a sample of our daily schedule.  Click on the links below per classroom:

Toddler (1 year old)

Preschool 2 (2 years old)

Preschool 3 (3 years old)

Pre-K (VPK + 4 years old)

After-school (5+ years old)

Rekia S., 2 years old, spelling her name.

3 years old Circle Time, naming and sounding out vowels.


Need Transportation Services?

We provide transportation services to ALL children within surrounding cities of North Lauderdale. NO ATTENDANCE REQUIRED. Learn more>>



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